Cancellation of “Rock You!”

Dear parents and campers,

After careful evaluation of the global situation, we have sadly concluded that it would be hard to expect our trainers (and some campers) to easily travel to Hong Kong this Summer. For that reason, we will have to admit that cancelling our beloved #6Days2Stage “ROCK YOU!” camp is the only option.

While we can’t “Rock You!” after all, we are hopeful that the camp is “rescheduled” to 2021 like The Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

We will be contacting you over the next few days via WhatsApp for a full refund. Please allow us some time to sort out the arrangement.

We hope to see you back in 2021…or maybe we will create some kind of “reunion” activities when group gathering is allowed again. Stay tuned.

Susanna Au-Yeung