What Student Say

What students say about Beauville Arts

From Hong Kong

“The camp was totally amazing and at first I thought it’s completely IMPOSSIBLE and totally NONSENCE to put up a musical in technically 4.5 days. But we’ve made it, with all the support, effort and time the trainers have given us. Thank you VERY MUCH!! It was indeed a life time experience to me, and all the other 51 campers!!”
Jessica Chan, 14

“Beauville Arts has changed my life forever with Let’s Grease, met amazing people, made lots of new friends and had the best time of my life!”
Ethan Wong, 14

“6 days…which are the most unforgettable 6 days in my life. It’s impossible to possible. In 6 days of training, 52 teenagers successfully put on a show on 10/8, which is a total madness. But to me, it’s a dream come true!! The process was enjoyable, and everyone was so friendly! I am having Beauville Blues now…gotta save money for next year. Anyway, nice to meet you guys, and thanks for all those trainers’ effort made! See you guys next year! Let’s Grease!!!”
Isaac Han, 15

“A life time experience. Preparing a one-hour-and-a-quarter musical in 5 days is insane. But it’s worth it, right!?”
Bryan Wong, 15

“Sign me in for the next year.”
Brandon Szeto, 14