What Parent Say

What parents say about Beauville Arts

 From Europe

“Our daughter absolutely loved going to Beauville Arts every summer… Beauville Arts has been a major part of her formative years and she has memories she will never forget.”

“I just want to tell you how much we enjoyed the show. It was FABULOUS!”

“I don’t think you have any idea how special Beauville Arts really is. You give these kids a platform that will stand them in good stead throughout their lives. You give them fun and introduce them to lifelong friendships.”

“My daughter has been to a few of these kind of camps, I would say Beauville Arts is probably the most popular English Musical Summer Camps in Europe.”

From Hong Kong

“Regards to everyone! What an amazing performance and Melody has had a great time!!! What a great group of teenagers on stage!  The friendship can last even across many miles!!! I can’t wait to share with my hubby and friends in Taiwan!”
Mother of Melody Chen, Jolene Lee from Taiwan

“Just want to say thank you for the great arrangement and we have great evening! Jacklyn would like to join the camp next year. I had seen the other side of my daughter and it is the valuable thing we got from the camp!”
Mother of Jacklyn Law, Alice Tam

“What an amazing job you guys did preparing 50+ kids for “Let’s Grease”! I’m still in shock at what you all accomplished in 5 days. What an amazing performance it was last night. Job well done!”
Mother of Thai Velez, Lynn Mutke Velez

“Thank you for organizing such a wonderful production, and congratulations for the success. Christopher totally enjoyed the camp and the 5 days learning with Jon, Paul, and Joyce. He is looking forward to your next year’s camp already!!! Thank you for a great show. You all did a wonderful job! Please forward our note of thanks to all organizers and trainers again.”
Parent of Christopher Ho, Thomas and Betty Ho

“Just a short note to thanks to all the teachers and supporting staff.   “Let’s Grease” was a good show as all students performed very professionally!  I am sure Victoria and all other students enjoyed this summer camp besides learning singing and dancing. They have also made a lot of new friends and learnt how to take care of each others.  Victoria is looking forward to participating next summer camp.”
Mother of Victoria Ng, Ivy Wong