Musical Theatre Summer Camps

#6Days2Stage! Every summer, we fly experienced overseas trainers to hold musical theatre camps in Hong Kong. They last a total of 6 days, with a full performance at the end of the week!

Our courses are taught in English and help develop English language skills as well as nurturing performing arts talent.

  • We bring together young people and performing arts professionals to stage inspiring, high-quality performances.
  • We help develop the talent and skills of our students in music, theatre and dance, which in turn boosts their confidence and helps them create lifelong friendships and memories.
  • We deliver expertise, international ethos and friendly, encouraging atmospheres.
  • We value teamwork and commitment and seek to encourage the development of life skills in a hard-working yet friendly and creative environment.

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2013. 5th August – 10th August: Let’s GREASE

2014. 28th July – 2nd August: F.A.M.E

2015. 27th July – 1st August: Welcome to the 60′s!

2016. 1st August – 6th August: The Wizard and I

2017. 31st July – 5th August: Dancing Queen!

For more information, please visit our Summer Camps page.