What we do

In France, we specialize in offering a wide range of bespoke music, drama and dance courses, both residential and non-residential. We develop “add-ons” to the performing arts camps to reinforce students’ English learning and/or cultural nurturing.

In Hong Kong, we offer musical residential camps and develop specific programmes with schools catering to their unique requirements. We are planning to offer regular workshops and masterclasses to refine students’ performing techniques. Watch out for more details.

2013 Let's GREASE (1)Let’s Grease (2013)

2014 F.A.M.E

F.A.M.E. (2014)

2015 Welcome to the 60'sWelcome to the 60′s (2015)

2016 The Wizard & IThe Wizard & I (2016)

2017 Dancing Queen!Dancing Queen! (2017)

2018 Let's DoReMi

Let’s Do Re Mi (2018)

2019 Stage Pic -One Day More (2019)